Who feeds a woman's mind, heart, and soul? Other women do. Women don't need experts to tell them how to live wonderful lives -- they just need to look to other women! Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Other Women is a collection of short stories, personal anecdotes, inspirational quotes, remembrances, and even comedic one-liners whose sole purpose is to celebrate what women teach each other. The book contains important insights on topics every woman cares about: friendship, family, love, sex, food, money, motherhood, happiness, work, and fulfillment. Sample material from the book.



Where Would I Be Without You?

A new book by BJ Gallagher

Where would we be if it weren't for our women mentors and teachers, friends and family? Mothers, sisters, famous writers and thinkers, artists and inventors, friends and friends of friends all make an appearance in this wise and wonderful book. So let's celebrate what we know – and pass it on! Read more about the book.



It's Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

The title of this new book says it all: It's Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been. Inspired by George Eliot's famous quote, BJ Gallagher has written a simple, straightforward, upbeat and effective guidebook to getting the life you've always wanted.
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Why Don't I Do the Things I Know Are Good for Me?

We all know what we need to do - eat right, exercise more, get plenty of rest, save our money, and make smart decisions in our own best interest. But instead, it seems like we take good care of everyone else and neglect ourselves. Don't despair – it's not hopeless and you're not helpless. This new book shows you fifty-two ways to put yourself first on your priority list – rather than last. After all, if you give up on yourself, what's left to give?
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BJ Gallagher is a storyteller, both by inclination and by profession. Her Irish heritage blessed her with a natural gift of gab, and her stories enrich and enliven the presentations she makes to groups of all sizes. "People forget facts and figures," she says, "but they remember good stories." BJ uses stories to teach important lessions about how to live a good life, create authentic relationships, nurture happy families, and do fulfilling work in the world. More about BJ.


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